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Question - Wrapping a wall.

Wrapping a wall makes a great impact for commercial and residential properties. Retail space, way finding, home interiors, business interiors, outdoor art installations. So many areas and ways to use a blank wall to create stunning showpieces that can attract customers, employee retention, and advertise! Inkflo has wrapped concrete, CMU, drywall, and corrugated storage units. There is a different vinyl for each application.

Bonus question. Wallpaper or Vinyl?

We offer both!


We can custom print your digital artwork on Dreamscape textured wall covering. This is great for interior high end retail space or in the house. We also offer installation of preordered wallpaper.

3M Vinyl.

We also print on 3M vinyl wrap films which can be used for both interior and exterior applications. Our 3M material works great on drywall, concrete, metal, and other flat or curved materials. The application of 3M vinyl is different from wallpaper as 3M vinyl has an adhesive backing. Wallpaper requires glue to be applied to the wall before installing.

Both options have fantastic results once complete.

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