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Question - What to expect when ordering a MDO large format sign.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

MDO signs or Medium Density Overlay is a wood composite sign with a smooth painted overlay on one or both sides. We print on the smooth painted side with UV ink and in some instances we will laminate the side of the print with a gloss or matte clear coat to prevent fading and discoloration. These signs are typically 96" x 48" horizontal or vertical, single or double sided. Using those numbers you can enlarge signs to 96" x 96", 96" x 144", or any combination of 96" x 48" panels. These are installed using 4" x 4" posts in ground using concrete or sand. Posts can be painted to match the signs or left unfinished. MDO signs are perfect for advertising land leases, commercial spaces, and residential homes.

Bonus question. How to keep costs down?

Want to keep your costs down as a consumer?

  1. Provide us with a digital file that is high res and at full size from a professional graphic designer (jpg, pdf, eps).

  2. Tell us the exact location of installation (aerial map and on site markings).

  3. Pick up the printed panel form our warehouse and install on your own.

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